Unity One Services is a strong and experienced company established under that name in 2009. Originally Lott's Auto Preventative Maintenance Service, started in 1984, the company has evolved to The Car Doctor in 1986, the Car Care Preventative Maintenance Service in 1992. In 1994 the name changed to The Original Car Doctor and incorporated in 2011.
   Mr. Roger L. Lott is the founder and CEO from Houston, Texas. He has decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent.
     We provide the best possible service when needed. Because of our fast paste world, we offer after hour service for you. Just call are Roger The Doc. 210-452-1710 for service. We are one of the first successful Mobile Auto Repair Service Co. in San Antonio. Mr. Lott provides  great sales techniques and excellent work relationships with each client on a personal level. He encourages the client to relax and, before you know it the job is done.

Unity One Services is able to help our customer with all areas of services.  Great connections with professional companies all around San Antonio give us the ability to provide excellent service and focus on the job to get it done right, cut cost down, provide safety, and preserve our natural environment.

   One or our greats accomplishments was to work with the city of San Antonio, by calling 311 non- emergency # to help keep our Roads Safe and insure that your travel experience is a good one for you and your vehicle. 

   Unity One Services worked very hard with the State Representative Joe Straus and his team to give them the (curriculum), the proper information needed for
 the New Law that was passed- Which affects 18- to 24-year old Texas drivers license applicants, that they must complete a driver education course approved by The Texas Education Agency. On behalf of the 81st Legislative of
our State Senator Jeff  Wentworth. In 2015 ( TDLR )
Texas Department License Regulation Adopted the complete Texas Driver Safety Course and it became the 84 Amendment in the State of Texas.  

This New Law has created jobs and safety that will allow parents a better chance of seeing their child reach over 25 years of age. The new law also helps reduce Accident Death and Auto Insurance Claims to about 19%, which is a huge savings for our Texas Insurance Companies. 

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In August of 2011 The Original Car Doctor Incorporated with the State of Texas! for non-profit

 Our news project is called Another Way to Go, a more efficiency way to Travel on Roads & HI 
       Designed to Save Time, Air Quality & Lives...    

Providing the professional services you need at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated since 1993.
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